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The Team

Jim Engh

Mitch Scarborough

Matha Kasinurak

Director of Construction Operations



                    Jim Engh

Mitch Scarborough



One of the most detailed and complete design

packages in the industry saves our clients millions of



Site Analysis

Master Planning/Routing

Land Planning

Contour Design

Drainage Design

Irrigation Design

Feature Creation

Budget Estimation

Construction and Bid Management

Marketing/Public Relations


At Jim Engh Design our award - winning golf courses

Speak for themselves. However, it is the efficiency of

our construction costs that separate Jim Engh Design

from the rest of the profession.

Land Planning

Land Planning begins after a complete examination

of existing conditions, both physical and cultural, because

everything from topography to zoning will influence

the final design. To ensure that important opportunities

are not missed, and the development impacts are

minimal on the site, a thorough analysis

of the site information is completed.

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