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“The trait that stands out when studying Engh’s art is his ability to take incredibly dramatic mountain terrain and turn 

it into golf holes that appear natural on the landscape.”

- Links Magazine -

The Golf Club at Redlands Mesa

Grand Junction, Colorado

With the opening of Sanctuary in 1997, and followed by a multitude of award - winning mountain courses, Jim Engh Design has

 become the industry leader for creating spectacular golf on tremendously rugged and difficult land.


Jim Engh Design’s mountain courses continue to win major awards in the industry, while the construction costs 

for these spectacular courses have been amazingly economical.

“Jim Engh

The Modern King of Mountain Golf”

- Golf Magazine -

The beautifully rugged mountains 

of Asia and the 

hesitance to place golf courses on 

valuable agricultural land, 

presents a special opportunity for 

the very unique mountain skills


Jim Engh Design

“Finding a way to turn

 an obstacle into an integral

part of the plan isn’t an

 easy thing to do. It takes a unique

 approach. Jim Engh has a way 

of looking at the 

world through a different lens.”

- Mile High Magazine - 

The Club at Black Rock

Coeur D'Alene, Idaho

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