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Simply stated, golf should be fun.

Playing golf in Ireland changed my life.  Specifically, it changed my perspective toward my profession.  The wild ride that is Irish golf keeps my senses fully attuned. It is a cascading of uniqueness and variety, a 4-hour endorphin rush, an experience that has no tolerance for manmade rules. It is simply a game played within the magnificence of nature.

I understand all too well, that the Irish golfing structure cannot be recreated. It is upon that reckoning that I have drawn the inspiration that has guided my career. It is not the landforms that I look to recreate, but the emotions of the Irish experience that I pursue. 

I seek to provide uniqueness and variety within the experience of a Jim Engh golf course. I strive for the ever elusive 4-hour endorphin rush. I choose to use the magnificence of the land and my own creative spirit to discover new  elements of variety. And I will not be dictated by frivolous rules of design nor the desire to immortilize a style of the past. 

Simply stated, golf should be fun. 

- Jim Engh



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